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Program Started on 21st November.

Front-End Web Design and Development

Front-End Web Development is the practice of creating client-side development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various frameworks. Front end development usually creates the part of websites which are interacted directly by the user. It creates a designed interface for web applications.


The scope of careers and higher education for web developers are increasing rapidly.
Here are some skills and career options as a Front-End Web Developer -

  1. Front – End web development
  2. JavaScript libraries and frameworks
  3. MERN Stack Development
  4. Creating an e-commerce website
  5. Front – End UI developer

Projects we'll be developing!

  • Webpage for Restaurant.
  • Portfolio website
  • Redesigning an existing Website.
  • Form Validation using JavaScript
  • Project on UI/UX Designing
  • Website for a Small Business(Client Project)


Weekend Training Internships

An Intensive 6 Week Training Program, with Live Classes on every Weekend and Create New Projects every Week.

How Does It Work?

  1. Attend Live Lectures on Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) and work on your projects for the whole week.
  2. No Interference with your Regular School/College Classes.
  3. Get Recorded Video Lectures in case you miss the Class.
  4. Get 24x7 Doubt Support.
  5. Get Access to useful Recources and Study guides.
  6. Work on Industry Level Projects and enhance your Resume
  7. Get an Internship Cerificate after successful completion of the program.

Of Internship

6 Weeks/45 Days Internship Certificate
on successful completion of the Program.

Completion Letter

Get Project Completion Letter
for the projects that you make and enhance your portfolio.

Letter of

Letter of Recommendation
to all the top performers!

of ₹3000

The top Performers will be
awarded with a Stipend of ₹3000

Doubt Support

Get all your doubts
cleared right away!

Who's Your Mentor?


    • CEO – Dot Com Generations
    • B. Tech CSE – having expertise in Design and Full Stack Web Development.
    • Get in Touch on LinkedIn – Click Here
    • Taught Web Development and UI/UX Design to over 100 students.
    • Expertise in interaction with students and creating Awesome Websites.

Not Sure Yet?

Join Us for a Free Webinar by our Mentor, to know more about the program and the concept of Machine Learning!

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